Avalanche Analysis of Variant Polynomials for AES

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Kouther Fahad Alshammari, Ayman Mostafa, Shadi Nashwan


Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is the most commonly used symmetric cipher nowadays. An AES
cryptosystem chooses a specific irreducible polynomial to compute its values. All computations of the cryptosystem are based
on this chosen polynomial. The selection of the polynomial creates the interesting opportunity to see how the cryptosystem
performs when the polynomial is replaced by other irreducible polynomials. The objective of this paper is to examine the
impact on the avalanche level when utilizing other polynomials to develop AES cryptosystems. To implement those AES
cryptosystems easily, MATLAB® codes were written for creating 30 different AES cryptosystems. Then, the avalanche
analysis was conducted on all the cryptosystems created. The results of the analysis show that choosing different polynomials
as a component of the AES cryptosystems has a minor impact on the avalanche level.

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