Estimation of structure , optical and Electrical properties of novel CuInSex nanoparticles Vi Hydrothermal method

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Aryan A. Omer, Mohanad Q.Kareem


In this work, CuInSe nanoparticles were effectively produced using the nanometric
technique in this study. The XRD diffraction results showed that it has a monoclinic structure
and a hexagonal phase. The expansion of the XRD line of CuInSe is due to the small crystal size.
However, with a large number of grid ratios determined by the comparison. The FESEM images
confirmed the Se configurations of the agglomerated and circular rectangular nanoparticles.
According to the optical properties, it is found that the best energy gap is eV. 1.25 ev ... which
helps the thermoelectric performance of materials or sorbents in solar cell applications.

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