The Application Of E-Learning Strategies In Palestinian Universities

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Rasha Jaber


The dynamism and complexity of the external environment of an organization
requires interdependent decisions. Hence, this type of problem requires a means or
tool that presents the results of multiple decisions in a simple and logical manner that
facilitates the understanding and evaluation of alternatives and the selection of the
best ones. Therefore, in this research, I used both the effect diagram and the decision
tree models, because it is important to have a clear graphic representation that focuses
on areas of uncertainty to represent the problem. Through this research, try to answer
the following questions: What is the reality of the problem that we suffer from in
Palestine? What is the role of decision analysis models and their philosophy in
solving the decision problem? What is the logical relationship between decision
analysis models in solving the problem?Initially, the effect diagram for the research
decision problem was constructed to capture the various uncertainties, then it was
moved to a decision tree. The decision tree is analyzed by reversing the direction of
the drawing after its completion by finding the expected value for each alternative,
comparing the values, choosing the best and placing them next to the final decision
point. Based on these values, the best alternative was determined. The decision tree in
the research helped exclude and delete the bad alternatives in order to reach the
appropriate decision.The Palestinian government’s decision to provide the Ministry of
Education with an amount of money to invest in the education sector to introduce elearning
strategies as a standardized approved curriculum in universities. The Minister
of Education formed a working group, in order to optimize the use of e-learning
strategies in Palestine. What is required is to draw an effect chart and decision tree to
clarify the best path to achieve material values in the application of optimal e-learning
strategies and intangible values in preparing a technological society in which a
generation of learners harness technological progress in education and achieve an
accumulation of technically prepared human fortune. What is required here is to make
a decision analysis of the problem and take the right decision,The Minister of
Education (decision maker) clarifies the goal and grants facilities to obtain financial
support for directors of education directorates to support an integrated work plan
produced by the work team and agree to prepare, plan, evaluate and then implement
it. The results obtained: Modernizing the infrastructure of the Internet at a high flow
speed and providing the sources of devices, equipment and necessary subscriptions in
proportion to the needs of teachers and learners and their material capabilities with the
provision of technical and technical support and the use of an expert and the payment
of 7 million dollars.

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