Modelling theinteraction effect of entrepreneurial opportunity and artificial intelligence networking on entrepreneurialbehaviour: A multinomial logit approach

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This study enriches the debate about entrepreneurial behaviours through a new perspective
based on artificial intelligence networking (AIN). We tested the effect of the interaction
between artificial intelligence networking and entrepreneurial opportunity (recognition and
exploitation) on entrepreneurial behaviour. To reach this objective, we adopted a multinomial
logit model.
The results show that network centrality, network scale, and relationship stability as
dimensions of AINenhance the effect of opportunity exploitation and recognition on
entrepreneurial behaviour. However, this effect seems to differ among dimensions of
entrepreneurial behaviour. Our main result is the definition of a critical pathway for
opportunity recognition and exploitation as the main determinant of successful
entrepreneurial behaviour.
Our findings might assist entrepreneurs to understand how to recognize and exploit
opportunity through the use of AINto maximize the chance ofsuccessful entrepreneurial
behaviour. The information provided in this research stresses the important role of AIN in
making the entrepreneurial decision-making processmore operational and relevant. The mind
mapping of a dynamic approach can orient entrepreneurs and respond to two main questions:
how to proceed and which way to develop entrepreneurial behaviour through AIN.

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