Expert Evaluation On E-Module For Arabic Language Learning In A Blended Learning Environment

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Norasyikin Osman, Mohd Isa Hamzah


The rapid development of technology has impacted the education field when the application of
technology became one of the more important agendas. The development of technology-based teaching and
learning materials is actively carried out in various disciplines, including the learning of Arabic language. The
development of this electronic learning material or e-module will be able to bolster the aspirations towards the use
of technology in teaching and learning. In the e-module development process, various procedures need to be
followed to ensure that the quality and the objectives of the module can be achieved. One of the important steps in
the development process of this e-module is expert evaluation. This study aimed to examine the evaluation of
experts in the development of e-module for Arabic language. A total of nine experts were appointed and delegated
into three categories; namely Language and Content experts, Educational Technology experts and Blended
Learning experts. Each category involved 3 experts in the field. These experts had evaluated the developed emodules
and provided suggestions for improvements. In general, the developed e-modules were suitable to be
implemented in a Blended Learning environment.

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