Postgraduate students' attitudes towards the quality of e-learning: Students of the Great College of Imam Al-Adham (may Allah bless him) University – As a model

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Yaseen AhmedMohammedAlsumaidaee, NazarSalihAbdulhussein


The aim of the current research is to know the attitudes of graduate students towards the quality
of e-learning from the point of view of the students of the College of Imam Al-Adham (may
Allah bless him) University. For the purpose of achieving the research goal, the researchers
chose graduate students at the College of Imam Al-Adham (may Allah bless him) University, for
the departments (Quranic readings, Islamic studies in English, Arabic language, advocacy and
public speaking, Fiqh and its Foundations, Religion basics), which numbered (145) male and
female students, as the researchers adopted the descriptive approach and considered the
questionnaire a measuring tool consisting of two parts. The first part includes the general
information of the study members represented in their personal and occupational variables such
as (gender, academic qualification, and academicspecialty). As for the second part of the
questionnaire, it included fifteen questions about e-learning and about the nature of students’
interaction with it in light of the nature of the research and the goals it seeks to achieve.Each
paragraph was met with an answer that follows a five-point scale (R language scale): Strongly
agree - Agree - Undecided - Disagree - Strongly disagree. Each response was given certain
degrees to be processed statistically and distributed to a group of experts and judges specialized
in educational and psychological studies and teaching methods to ensure the apparent honesty.
The researchers also adopted the (R language) program to process the data statistically to extract
the arithmetic mean, standard deviation and variance for all paragraphs.

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