Find A Correction Factor Between The Analytical And Numerical Solution For Reynolds Equation (With And Without) Considering THL Effect

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Ibrahem Ail Muhsin ,Osamah Imad Mohammed


In this paper ,an analytical study of a conventional hydrodynamics bearing was carried out. An
integrated program was built using a computer program and through the Matlab facility in order
to solve Reynolds equation numerically using finite difference method and analytically through
the short bearing theory.The effects of the thermal distortion on the bearing performance
arestudied. The thermal distortion is a result of the temperature riseeffects. This study was
carried out for journal speed 3000 rpm. The oil film pressure distribution is obtained by solving
Reynolds equationnumerically and analytically.Pinkus's approach has been used in computing
the temperature distribution along the circumferential direction of the bearing surface. Analytical
solution for Reynolds equation overestimates the bearing characteristics and Capacity compared
with numerical solution results. It was found that THL effect the bearing performance positively
(in the low range of temperature) by increasing stiffness and load capacity also it was found that
using correction factor is useful to get more accurate assessment for the bearing performance by
solving Reynolds equation analytically.

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