Reflection of the effect of empowering leadership behaviors on the workforce agility (An analytical study of the opinions of teachers in the private schools of the Diwaniyah governorate center)

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ShaymaSaedWdaah AL-Ganemi, Professor Dr.Ihssan Dahash Chalab


The current study aimed to test the effect of empowering leadership behaviors expressed with its
dimensions (leadership by example, participatory decision-making, training, information exchange,
showing interest with others) on workforce agility (flexibility, adaptation ,proactivity) in private
schools in Al-Diwaniyah Governorate,and the problem was summarized with a set of questions
based on the researcher’s perceptions, the most important of which resulted in the statement of the
influence that empowering leadership behaviors exert on workforce agility, and for achieve the
objectives of the study, a hypothetical scheme was designed that embodies the nature of the
relationship between the variables included in the study, and a set of hypotheses were built aimed at
identifying The level of the relationship between empowering leadership behaviors and workforce
agility in private schools in Al-Diwaniyah Governorate, and the study relied on the nature of the
questionnaire as a main tool in collecting data and information from a sample of (273) faculty
members, and the study used a set of statistical programs represented in (SPSS). V.26 &
AMOS.V.26) in order to reach the results that the study aspires to answer, using several statistical
methods, especially in (the arithmetic mean, standard deviation, relative importance, coefficient of
variation, t-test, simple correlation coefficient, and the structural equation modeling(.

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