Does Perceived Organizational Support Enhances Employee Resilience by Lowering Turnover Intentions Among Academic Expatriates in Vietnam: A Mediator-Moderator Approach

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Anantha Raj A. Arokiasamy , Jayaraman Krishnaswamy


This study examines how workers' resilience influences their views of company support and inclinations to leave
their employment at international schools in Ho Chi Minh City. We spoke to 226 English teachers who work at five foreign
schools, resulting in a total of 226 foreigners (of which 215 are now working).We have validated the discriminant validity of
our measurement model by performing a confirmatory factor analysis. Regression analysis was done for direct and interactive
effects, and then mediation effects were tested using bootstrapping techniques. The project on the relationship between POS
and turnover intentions has been studied thoroughly.This study aims to find out whether the level of job effort affects employee
resiliency and turnover intentions. In turn, the relationship between employee turnover intentions and employee resilience is
mediated by employee resilience. Both turnover intentions and turnover behavior are associated with an individual's capacity
for resilience. This study suggests that POS enhances academic expatriates' motivation and encourages them to turnover.
Resilience and outcomes are critical to retaining a competitive edge. When employee resilience increases, expatriate turnover
intentions decrease. The first student to evaluate the approach in an international school environment in Vietnam was also
assessed at a Vietnamese secondary school.

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