Population Administration Services in Makassar City, Indonesia

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Sumardi, Armin, Hasniati, Nur Indrayati, Nur Indar


This article analyzes and looks for implementation models of population administration service policies at
the Makassar City Population and Civil Registry Office. The indicators used in this study refer to the van Meter and
van Horn models using six indicators: policy standards and objectives; resource; inter-organizational
communication; characteristics of implementing agents; disposition of implementor; and economic, social and
political conditions. By using a qualitative approach, this study shows that the implementation of population
administration services at the Makassar City Population and Civil Registry Service is still not well implemented.
Lack of communication and socialization to the community is the cause of their not being able to carry out their
main tasks and functions properly. This study recommends the coordination variable in policy implementation, in
order to measure the success or failure of the policy.

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