Qualitative Evaluation of Designing a Competitive Advantage Model in the Syrian Pharmaceutical Industry

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Shyban Ali, Asghar Moshabaki Esfahani, Seyed Hamid Khodadad Hosseini, Asadoleh Kordanaij


Achievements of the Syrian pharmaceutical industry, which it gained 20 years before the crisis, have made it one of
the most important pillars of economic development in Syria. In recent years (2017-2018), the Syrian government has been
able to liberate economically vital areas, especially in Damascus and Aleppo; As a result, some pharmaceutical companies
have returned to operation, and competitiveness in this industry has grown significantly in the short term. The present study
provides insights into strategic pharmaceutical industry of Syria and Qualitatively analysing the unexpected results of a
competitive advantage model based on dynamic management capabilities of marketing managers by explaining the role of,
knowledge absorptive capacity and knowledge management process in the Syrian pharmaceutical industry which is gradually
returning to operation. Statistical population of this study is qualitatively experts who are currently working in pharmaceutical
factories in Syria. The sample size selected in the qualitative part for in-depth interviews is about 14 cases among practical
experts. Interviews were used to collect information. The interview was semi-structured and the sample was purposive. The
questions were formulated based on explanation and interpretation of ambiguous results in the hypotheses. The results were
analysed based on summative qualitative content analysis.

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