Comparative study between Type I and type II Fuzzy controller for semi active suspension system

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H. Lammari, N. Kheznadji, M.Khodja, A. Jabbar Hassan


In this article, a type-2 fuzzy interval controller is proposed to solve the nonlinear control problems
of semi-active suspension system. A suspension model with two degrees of freedom and A fuzzy
approach for controller synthesis were proposed. The performance of the IT2FLC-based semiactive
vehicle suspension system in terms of sprung mass displacement, suspension deflection and
tire deflection are compared to the homologous fuzzy type-1 controller (T1FLC), and to the passive
suspension system conventional using MATLAB / SIMULINK software for simulation and
controller design. The vehicle parameters, called suspension deflection and speed of suspended
mass are given as inputs for both controllers. The Csemi control signal is the variable damping
coefficient. Inputs and outputs are presented by triangular membership functions. Mamdani
inference system is used, along with a Karnik-Mendel algorithm to locate the center of gravity in
reduction type for IT2FLC controller. Simulation results show that IT2FLC-based semi-active
suspension system outperforms T1FLC and passive suspension system. Thus, they show a major
improvement in control signal i.e. IT2FLC controller generates a lower damping coefficient than
T1FLC controller. In addition, a remarkable reduction in signal energy by IT2FLC compared to
same semi-active suspension system with T1FLC.

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