The Effect of a Proposed Online Educational Platform in Manipulating Students’ Reading and Writing Problems

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Nancy Muhammad Khayr Al-Majthoub, Prof. Muhammad, M. Al-Hileh


The present study has aimed to identify the effect of a proposed online educational platform in
manipulating students’ reading and writing problems. The study followed the quasi-experimental
approach. A number of 50 students were selected out of the students of primaryschoolat Maimouna
Bint Al-Harith Primary School who face problems in reading and writing. Such students made up
the sample of the study for the second semester 2020/21. They were taught digital educational
content through the prepared online educational platform.In order to achieve the objectives of the
study, an achievement test (pretest – diagnostic test – posttest). It was designed of 24 questions, and
its validity and reliability indications were pointed out.
The results of the study showed that there were statistically significant differences in the
arithmetic mean of students' performance in the posttest due to the use of the online platform.The
study concluded with several recommendations, including the adoption of the proposed educational
online platform to manipulate students' reading and writing problems

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