Family of [0,1] Truncated Gompertz – Exponential DistributionWith Properties and Application

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Hassan Mohammed Hussein, Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohammed T. Ahmed


In the paper we are introduce a new family of continuous distribution based on [0,1]
truncated gompertz-G family distribution (TGO-GD) and [0,1] Truncated Gompertz-
Exponential distribution (TGO-EXPD). We are discussed as special cases: Cumulative
distribution function (CDF), probability density function (PDF), survival function (sf), hazard
rate function (hrf), revers hazard rate function (rhrf), cumulative hazard rate function (chrf),
the quntial function (Qf), moment generating function (M.G.F), the moments , the mean μ,
the variance σ2 ,the median M, the skewness SK , the kurtosis Ku , the entropy, order
statistics,Asymptotic behavior and maximum likelihood estimator for [0,1] Truncated
Gompertz-Exponential Distribution (TGO-EXPD). We estimate of the model parameters by
maximum likelihood and we apply empirically the potentiality of the new class by means of
one real data set.

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