Influence of Data Mining Techniques in Healthcare Research

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P.Chandrakala,Dr.A.Sumithra,Dr.A.Saranya, .Dr.R.Bagavathi Lakshmi


Healthcare research is essential to modern society because increasing of new diseases makes
the people despondent. In the 21st century, all the hospital becomes computerized and keeps
all the medical records and transactions in the repository. One of the core research domains
like image processing give significant advancement in healthcare and even data mining also
contributed as well. Data mining is the research area that extracts knowledge from the data
repository. The mining algorithms like clustering and classification can be applied in many
areas like brain tumor detection, cancer detection, heart dieses, hospital management, cell
mutation, etc. This study paper explores such algorithms, architectures, and problems that are
developed by various researchers. This paper focus on the results belongs to a brain tumor
and advanced mining techniques on medical records.

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