Recent Investigation on Fuels, EV and Hybrid Electrical Vehicles impacts on Pollution Control Techniques and Predictions Using IOT Technology

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N.Sirisha, Brahmani Cherukuru, Venkata Sai Shalini Ganni, Middela Ashna Reddy


As there is a growing rate of urbanization it is no new news that our world is being affected
by global warming which is majorly caused by automobiles and its pollution taking their first
spot and the rest settling down to their lower ranks. Evolvement in automobiles like electrical
and hybrid electrical vehicles had lead to ease in day to day activities at the same time there is
an increase in direct and life cycle emissions. In recent years people have shown interest
towards developing IOT, it helps in monitoring and detecting the emissions and involve
wireless sensors and gas sensors. The detected emission results are transferred to the database
using the internet. The scope of this paper is to give an overview of predictions and control
techniques of pollutions caused by vehicles using the IOT technology. IOT helps in acquiring
and refining the result, it is an efficient and effective way to determine the pollutants
compared to other methods and it is economical than other methodologies. Finally the main
objective is to find a solution for environmental pollution.

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