Construction of a Complex Network Using Technological Surveillance for the Strategic Management of Science, Technology, And Research in Higher Education Institutions in Colombia

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Olga Lucía Ostos , Rafael Rentería-Ramos , Fabio Cala


This research proposes the construction of a model of technological surveillance
for the strategic management of scientific research in higher education institutions in
Colombia. This model is composed by an information system that includes scientific
articles, intervention plans for the regions and the nation, and information from public
policies related to Science, technology, and information (STI). From this data set, the
construction of algorithms for information processing was carried out, using techniques of
automatic text analysis and natural language processing with complex networks to detect
patterns and the configuration of trends related to science, technology, research, and
innovation, which are the guiding topics of the national science and technology system. The
main results obtained in this research are that the construction of a complex system
revealed the topics on which scientific production is focused in the country. In addition, the
analysis of the documents related to STI referenced in in public policies analyzed for this
research revealed the pressing needs of different sectors and regions in the country. Finally,
the research showed that the topics on which scientific research in Colombia is conducted
by the educational institutions of the country does not correspond to the needs found.

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