Comparison Between Bisection, Newton and Secant Methods for determining the root of the Non-Linear equation using MATLAB.

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Ali Wahid Nwry , Hemin Muheddin Kareem , Ribwar Bakhtyar Ibrahim , Sundws Mustafa Mohammed


The Bisection, Newton, and Secant Methods are indicated for demonstrating the numerical approximation of the
non-linear equation problem f(x) = ex + 2−x + 2 cos(x) − 6 = 0 . the paper wants to display the comparison of
implementation, the convergence rate among methods of detect the root of the non-linear equation. The MATLAB R2015b is
used to determine the root-finding problem within the desired closed interval [1, 2] and illustrate the numerical solution
compared. The Newton and Secant are speedy to converge with very small error part and requiring a few steps of iterations
while the bisection method is converged with taking too much computingof iterations. Consequently, the numerical
approximation solution of the methods on the sample problem interprets that the Newton and Secant are more absolutely
accurate and efficient than the results achieved from the Bisection method.

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