Auto Adjusting Brightness of Headlights using LDR and Ultrasonic sensor to prevent night glare

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NarendiranathBabu T, TamilanbanNakkeeran, Varun Prasanna, D. Rama Prabha


Around 40% of accidents happens in the night even though traffic reduces by 60% [2]. One way we can reduce
accidents during night is by reducing night glare. This is archived by using Arduino uno to automatically dim the headlight
when the vehicle is approaching in the opposite direction. Light dependent resistor (LDR) module is used to detect the
opposing vehicle by detecting the light from the opposing vehicle headlight and it is processed by Arduino UNO and
Ultrasonic sensor is used to detect when the vehicle passes and sends the signal to the Arduino. Arduino will process the data
and decide when to activate high beam. This model will help to prevent lots of accident which happen daily on the highways
and it will be very useful for heavy vehicle drivers as they drive long distances in the night time.

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