Student Perception of The Utilization of WhatsApp in Biological Learning

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SitiZaenab, Susilo, GufronAmirullah


Nowadays, many students use social media such as WhatsApp to interact and communicate in learning. This study
was conducted to examine the usefulness of WhatsApp in learning. This research uses a quantitative approach of
survey method. A total of 252 students of UHAMKA Biology Education were selected by purposive convenience
sampling. The instrument is a questionnaire in the form of a modified data collection form from Gasaymeh,
Odewumi, et al. and Embi research. Rasch modelling software Winstep 4.4.4 is used for the analysis of
questionnaire data. Students' perception of the use of social media WhatsApp application in learning is in asuitable
category. Sixteen items are relatively easy to approve, three items are neutral, 13 items are relatively tricky to
approve. The use of WhatsApp in the realm of biological learning requires clear and strict regulation from lecturers.
Although it provides much ease in learning, the negative impact is also an essential consideration during the learning

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