Phenol Waste Water Treatment Using Solar Photo catalytic Treatment in Industry

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Balaji Ramachandran, Gullipalli Sushma, Patta Yashvardhani Rani, Matta bennita, Kirthi Bisoi


Now-a-days demand for fresh water has been increasing rapidly. Water plays a major role in India and almost in
every region of the world. Water is being wasted by the environment and manmade in several ways, one of such
way is industrial wastage of water. In recent years quantity of water usage in Indian industries is growing
tremendously. Water usage by industries is leading to create severe water crisis. This aims of this research is to
treat wastewater containing recalcitrant /non-biodegradable compounds that cannot be completely treated by
conventional treatment technologies/ biological methods employed in industry. In an attempt to increase the
efficiency of degradation of the impurities present in the wastewater and to improve the economics of the
treatment, the work was carried out on the degradation of untreated effluent of industry waste water using
heterogeneous photo catalytic treatment. Pharmaceutical water discharge influence mainly on aquatic ecosystem
and also shows its major impact on soil ecosystem, so it is important to treat this wastages. Out of these
processes, Photo catalytic process is one of most effective and cost effective method as it relies on the activation
of semiconductor that is resulting in the generation of electrons and holes to destroy the pollutants and wastage
present in the water. Readings have been taken (with & without catalyst) on the experimental set up (from
NITT) - Photo catalytic process. This paper examines all kind of industrial pharmaceutical waste water
discharges in further studies.

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