Efficiency and Power factor Improvement of Three phase Induction motor Using just one IGBT switch

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Pravin Mandvikar, Reshma Kadu, Ankita Mankar, Snehal Ingewar


With the help of proposed scheme the chopped and modulated three phase AC voltages appears across the stator terminals .
The Three phase induction motor makes use of single controllabled IGBT switch connected across the three phase diode bridge rectifier
forming A.C. switch for chopping three phase A.C. voltage. With the help of given technique .the chopped and modulated three phase
A.C. voltages appear across stator voltage terminals of three phase induction motor .The of A.C. voltage magnitude is controlled with
the help of high frequency PWM controlled switch . The peculiar feature of this scheme with high frequency controlling the speed
and power factor of induction motor with single semiconductor switch .The speed of the three phase induction motor with fan load will
be controllable within around 50% of the rated motor speed. This induction motor drive find utility in Industrial high power cooling
fans, blowers and pumps. This drive will provide higher efficiency, improved power factor and required speed control over wide
range for above applications with simple design and control feature and good economical advantage.

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