Classroom Management Strategies in Online Environment:AComparative Study on Novice and Experienced Teachers

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Abdolrahman Ghateolbahra, Fazlolah Samimi


Online classes, like face-to-face classes, need effective management so that they do not get out of the teacher's
control and students have valuable and meaningful learning. Undoubtedly, the teacher has an effective role in teaching the
student, and successful online classes are the result of a set of common roles and responsibilities between the teacher and the
students. The purpose of this study was to investigate the problems of online classroom management and the methods and
strategies used by novice and experienced teachers and to review the most appropriate techniques for planning and refining
effective online and teamwork topics and discussing time and volume management strategies. Work and issues related to the
online environment. For this purpose, the researcher has used a qualitative method and observing classes and semi-structured
interviews used as instrumentsin this research. The results of this study showed that the professional development of online
education, especially in the field of classroom management, requires a set of practical strategies, knowing how to
communicate well with students, and having an effective classroom management program, managing asynchronous
discussions and online teamwork. The results of this study can be useful for teachers, especially novice teachers, in
effectively managing online classrooms and increasing learning opportunities for all students, from disruptive behaviors,
which is often very important because these are often the main components of online learning. Prevent in class and provide
solutions for better online learning.

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