A comparative method of viral and neural marketing, with a modern marketing approach

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Safaei Mehdi


In today's competitive world, marketing as a dynamic, operational science is constantly evolving in line with
developments. The critical role and importance of marketing strategies in the success or failure of organizations
have become clear to everyone. Marketing and its strategies have been heavily influenced by technologies
throughout their lives. With the advent of print, radio, television, computers, and so on, marketing has also
played a specific role. The advent of information technology and the rapid growth of communications in
cyberspace have completely revolutionized marketing strategies. In the meantime, in order to make companies
successful in marketing, different strategies were introduced. The purpose of this study is to provide a
comprehensive overview of Neuro-marketing and Viral-marketing while exploring the different aspects of these
two marketing styles. Finally, according to the indices and characteristics obtained through field studies and
library research, these two types of marketing will be analyzed. On the other hand, the role of the five senses
(sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste) in neural marketing will be examined. And it examines how each of
these senses affects the customer's mood and overshadows his purchase. This will help sellers and marketers a
lot more sales. The results suggest that the strategic stimulation of the consumer's five senses in the marketing
process can be one of the practical ways for companies and sellers to attract customers and increase their

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