The Impact of Enforcing The Jordanian Defense Act on the Employment Contract in Light of Corona Pandemic (COVID-19)

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Dr. HishamShakhatreh, Dr. NaserAlbala'wi, Dr. Mohammed Alta'ani


This study addressed the negative impacts of enforcing the Jordanian defense Act. No.
(13) of (1992) after the spread of Corona Pandemic (COVID-19) in the world in
general, and in Jordan in particular, and how the Jordanian government tried to reduce
the spread of this pandemic by issued the defense Act. which led to breakdown the
economic and commercial activities, consequently the commercial establishments
suspended to operate, due to this suspension the establishments have terminate their
workers illegally. Hence the idea of this research aimed to find a kind of economic
balance in the contractual relationship between the employee and employer by
identifying some theories to address this imbalance such as the force majeure and
theory of contingent circumstances to determine whether the defense orders are kind
of force majeure or contingent circumstances, in addition to the role of the judge in
restoring the economic balance of the contractual relationship between employee and

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