Applications and Techniques of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security

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Dr. K. Ramasubramanian,Dr Lendale Venkateswarlu, Sneha Yerram


Technology Growth brings up security challenges with lack of knowledge in latest
development to the experts of cyber security. To prevent security breaches and cyber-attacks,
experts needs a huge support, as connection between organisations leads to “Heavy traffic”,
“Breaches in Security”, “Increase in Security attack vectors”, whichbeing a challenging task
for humans to handle. Traditional Algorithm fails to us sometimes with developed systems.
Developing a software with auto updating logic with technology leads a tough task. Artificial
Intelligence is an area to neutralize the cyber security issues to some extent.“Cyber security
computing applications and analyses the views of improving the cyber security abilities by
suggesting AI applications and the already existing methods”. This paper involves in coping
up the cyber security with applications and techniques of Artificial Intelligence.

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