Street-Level Bureaucrats: The Dilemma Between Professionalism and Pressure in Poverty Reduction in Makassar

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Anirwan, Muhammad Akmal Ibrahim, Hasniati, Suryadi Lambali


The issue of poverty is very complex involving various aspects of life; therefore, poverty alleviation
requires the involvement of the government which is in direct contact with the community. In this area, of
course, bureaucrats must be able to maintain professionalism to serve the community. This descriptive
qualitative research aims to analyze the understanding, discretion, and professionalism of the government in
poverty alleviation. Data was collected through interviews with the Office of Social Affairs, District, household,
and Neighborhood Association throughout Makassar City, the poor, and poverty observer institutions. The
results showed that the lack of understanding of poverty reduction policies and the lack of discretion caused the
street level bureaucracy to have no flexibility. Both of these have implications for the professionalism of the
street-level bureaucracy. There is no autonomy to translate their work because poverty reduction policies are

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