The Effect of Service Quality and Incentives on Satisfaction and Motivation of Student Athletes in the Pandemic Period

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Agung Etti Hendrawati,Tomoliyus,Irmantara Subagio


This study aimed to examine the effect of service quality and incentives on satisfaction and motivation of student
athletes at the Education and Sport Training Center (ESTC) during the Covid-19 pandemic. This study was conducted with a
mixed method. The study participants were 33 athletes in the ESTC Yogyakarta, Indonesia from 5 sports which were taken by
total sampling. Data were analyzed using Structural Equation Modeling. It was found that there was an effect of service quality
on satisfaction P-values of 0.024 < significant 0.05, incentives had no effect on satisfaction. P-values were 0.055 > significant
0.05, athlete satisfaction had an effect on the motivation of athletes P-values were 0.001 < significant 0.05, and incentives have
an effect on the motivation of athletes with P-Values of 0.008 < from a significant of 0.05, and the quality of service has an
effect on the motivation of athletes of P-Values by 0.008 < significant of 0.05. This study concluded that service quality has a
significant effect on athlete satisfaction and motivation to train, and incentives and satisfaction have a significant effect on
athletes' motivation to train, but incentives have no effect on athlete satisfaction

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