Influencing Factors on Consumer's Perception: On-site to OnlineDuring Covid-19 Pandemic in Thailand

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Jak Piriyapornsiri, Keattisak Chankeaw, Payear Sangiumvibool


The midst of Covid-19, Thailand has been hit with lock down on the department stores. The
government announce lockdown along with the uncertain situations of the Covid-19
pandemic have caused both business and consumer change their shopping behavior. This
situation has been affecting the urban lifestyle among consumers who enjoys going to
department store. The objective of this study is to investigate the influencing factors that
affect the consumer’s perception on visiting the department store. The statistical analysis on
factor analysis was conducted with 400 questionnaires. The questionnaires focus on the
decision on the decision of the consumer’s consumption during Covid-19. This study aims to
investigate 4 factors which are services of the mall, consumers’ satisfactions, Modernization
of the shopping malls, and public relations of the shopping mall. The results finding suggest
that social media online has significant influent factor to the consumer’s perception on their
decision of department store services.This research can assist business in adapting to the new
uncertainty situation of pandemic.

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