A Noval approach for EEG signal artefact removal using Deep convolutional Algorithm

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Jayalaxmi Anem , G. Sateesh Kumar, R. Madhu


Brain activity is analyzed with the help of EEG signals. It has small amplitude,
thus it is influenced by the various artefacts. It is highly needed that the artefacts should
get eliminated from the EEG signals by efficacious processing. This paper explores the
technicality of deep learning in order to remove the artefacts. For which Pre-processing
and feature extraction is to be carried out initially for the EEG signals. Here the wavelet
transform is applied to extract the wavelet features, which are scattered to the projected
classifier which is called killer whale fractional calculus optimization (KWFCO). The
technique is carried out with experimentation for removing artefacts like EMG, EOG,
ECG and random noise on the EEG signal. The proposed technique's simulation results
have been presented, and they have been found to perform well with improvement in MSE
and SNR.

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