Study of Impact of Uses Smartphone - Special Reference to State of Rajasthan

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Sanjay Tiwari, Prof. (Dr.) S. S. Sarangdevot


Media technology has become integral part of children’s lives in the twenty-first century. The
world of electronic media is changing with a fast pace. After television it has joined by many
other media resources like cell phones (mobile), iPods, video games, messaging, social networks
sites and e-mail. Usage of mobile phone and its effect on subjective wellbeing of the participants
is a very recent and emerging research especially in India. But still very few researches focus in
the areas of concern. The current study examined the impact of smartphones on social behaviour
and relationships, investigating smartphone use, phone etiquette, face-to-face communication
and computer-mediated communication. This study is important in providing the outcome of
smartphone use either it is positively or negatively effecting human life.. In our study we have
taken 600 participants/respondents for the sample, and our study reveals that the positive impact
of smartphone on the social, comman life of general users of India. In conclusion, smartphones
undoubtedly have both positive and negative influences over users and it would be valuable
research focused on the possible reasons for this.


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Sanjay Tiwari, Prof. (Dr.) S. S. Sarangdevot. (2021). Study of Impact of Uses Smartphone - Special Reference to State of Rajasthan. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 11(3), 1003–1015.
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