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Harsh Deep Singh, A Aakasha, S Akash, R.Murugan


The process plants run 24/7 a year. Any disruption in the power supply can cause the process to
halt, resulting in significant productivity loss and financial consequences. If the TANGEDCO
main supply fails, the standby power should kick in without much delay. An Automatic Mains
Failure (AMF) arrangement is necessary to satisfy this requirement, which automatically switches
from utility to DG power in the event of utility power failure. An AMF arrangement was
fabricated, wired up, interfaced with a laboratory three-phase alternator, and tested for various
sequences as part of this project work. Interlocks and multiple operation sequences were also
investigated in a real-time AMF circuit. The attached load information on the college campus was
gathered, and the cable sizing was examined from the standpoint of generator activity. The
generator was appropriately sized based on the load data obtained, the neutral arrangement was all
checked, and proper sizing was arrived at to ensure stable operation of the Diesel Generator in
standby mode of operation. The current continuous set mode of operation for DG sets with
TANGEDCO supply is contrasted to the continuing HT conversion mode. Based on a comparative
study, the economics of diesel consumption/TANGEDCO tariff is calculated. The proposed DG
set's positioning has also been optimized for greater service stability to feed the campus loads
without disruption and to ensure effective operation. The proposed DG set's location has also been
optimized for greater versatility in service, to feed the campus loads without disruption and to
ensure the DG set's efficient operation. The entire function of the DG set is examined, taking into
account all factors such as AMF, economics, operational stability, and so on.

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