The Effect of Leadership on Performance Through Work Involvement Based on Engineering Process Values On Educational Quality Assurance School Team in Central Java Indonesia

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Tri Mulyani, Masrukhi,Wahyono, HeriYanto


This study investigates the relationship between leadership and performance with intervening work involvement intervention variables based on process engineering values. The novelty is used as intervening. This quantitative research was conducted by survey. The research population was 360 members of the  Indonesia Central Java province model school quality assurance team. The sampling of this study used purposive sampling of 313 teachers of the model school quality assurance team in the province of Central Java, Indonesia. However, 26 respondents were considered outliers, so they had to be dropped from the analysis. results Based on the distance mahalonobis, the respondents who meet the number of 287. The method of analysis is quantitative with path analysis. The data is processed with IBM Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (IBM SPSS) 22.0 and AMOS 24. The findings demonstrate that leadership and performance have a good direct or indirect link.

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