Message sharing through optical communication usingcipher encryption method in python

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VenkataSubramanian S, VishweshVaideeswaran S, Dr. M. Devaraju


The project currently exists based on optical communication in addition to how all of
us use it to transfer encrypted messages in the form of light in addition to decrypt the same. In
the encryption part all of us use cipher EXOR encryption method. This object over here currently
exists mainly used to prevent leakage of data that object over there all of us currently are
sending. This object over here method requires a key at both ends in order to encrypt in addition
to decrypt the message. Here all of us use led to transmit the encrypted message in addition to
with the help of LDR all of us get the message in the receiver end in addition to decrypt it. All of
us discovered that object over there in optical communication the data transmission currently am
able to exists done through both wired medium in addition to wireless medium. From our results
all of us currently am able to say that object over there the rate at which the transmission
currently exists done currently exists high. This object over here currently am able to exists used
by the military during war to communicate with each other.

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