A Shift in Paradigm for Apparel Industry Post Covid 19

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Dr.Rashi Baliyan, et. al.


The apparel industry has been revolutionizing and evolving for decades, with new trends, changing tastes and preferences and various ups and downs in manufacturing, textiles, supply chain. However, when the pandemic arrived globally it impacted this industry and its stakeholders negatively. This industry saw a huge transition from a luxury item to a necessity like masks, gloves. There are various strategies being adopted at industrial and the government level to mitigate the effect of such a crisis. This research attempts to study the transformation in the apparel industry post-COVID 19. This research paper aims to study the factors using PESTLE analysis affecting the apparel industry. For this purpose, a descriptive research design is adopted and data collection has been done via primary and secondary sources like interviews, journals, blogs and internet articles. Findings of the research paper provide that, how the initiatives taken at industry and government level will help in reviving the industry from the current situation. This is a sincere effort of authors to identify and assume impact of COVID 19 in Apparel Industry and influencing factors affecting this industry to continue the future research in the industry.

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