Smart prevention system for combating pandemic situations

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Dr.j.s. leena jasmine, et. al.


During this coronavirus pandemic, hand hygiene has become the foremost important measure to curb the outspread of the disease as instructed by world health organization using soaps, alcohol-based hand sanitizers etc. Even if anyone cleans their hands, they have to touch the surface which would be contaminated by virus. Corona virus would last on a contaminated surface from several hours to days depending upon environmental conditions. In addition to hand hygiene face masks have also been used by the people in public places to protect them from the virus. Wearing facemasks is very important but nowadays either people are not wearing masks or wearing masks improperly. In this paper a technique has been developed which will detect the people’s faces and separates them into people who are wearing masks and people who are not wearing masks or improper wearing using deep learning and image processing using matlab .also a smart hand sanitizer is designed with contactless temperature reader with entrance door control for covid safety using atmega328p microcontroller, solenoid lock ,infrared sensor, temperature sensor  which will help to provide a solution to the hurdles faced by the security guards in emphasizing the people in hand sanitizing action. Some people may enter the building without sanitizing their hands. So, the automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is kept at the entry door and the door is controlled by the dispenser. Before entering the premises, a temperature sensor will detect the body temperature of the person. With this dispenser, an infrared sensor is attached to sense the presence of hands. After the sanitizer is dropped in the hands, the door will unlock and the door opens. If the condition is not satisfied, the door remains locked.

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