Promoting The Citizen To Do The Exercise And Playing Sport As Their Way Of Life In New Normal Era

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Wanchalee Noriya,


Abstract: In this paper, the authors focus on the best practice of exercise and sport as a way of life in the New Normal along with proposing guidelines to promote people to be alert to exercise and playing sports is a way of life through technology. By doing an analysis and synthesize relevant documents on issues of situation, trends, pattern, directions and Policy to promote people to exercise and play sports as a way of life through technology in Thailand and other countries to guide Thai people to have knowledge, understanding and willpower to stay healthy under the Covid-19 crisis, five points are detailed as follows: 1) COVID 19 crisis to the New Normal era 2) The role of technology to the era of New Normal era 3) The sport policy and health with doing exercise  and play sport in their of life in the era of  New Normal era. 4) The trend, the direction, and the   policy of promoting the physical activity and sport in Thailand. 5) The good practice guideline of   technology and doing the exercise and playing sport in their way of life. 6) The guideline towards   the achievement of promoting people to do the exercise and playing sport through technology in New Normal era. Therefore, the sports industry is required to make the fundamental changes by using the support from technology in three way which are as follows; 1) To transfer experience in sports to all Thai people to have knowledge of digital sports in order to have a deeper understanding and share feelings 2) To push for maximum efficiency in operations. Leveraging digital and technology to create new experiences in sports, and 3) To create the new trade opportunities by sending the new business model for promoting the sport industry. These are the five guidelines of having the highest benefit for people to have the healthy and good life quality which are as follows; 1) Studying the people needs for designing the activity. 2) Integrating the operation among the network organization. 3) Developing the digital and the technology for the people. 4) The continuous policy, and 5) Creating the inspiration.

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