Multiple Decision Criterion for Material Selection by using Ranking System

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J.V. Sai Prasanna Kumar


Selecting a material for any application requires in depth knowledge on the part of specialist and selection of material is of vital importance in any industry, incorrect selection may lead to loss of equipment, machinery, money, and most importantly human lives. To circumvent this in decisiveness a relatively simple solution is presented basing on multi criteria decision making techniques. TOPSIS technique is utilized by considering multiple qualitative and quantitative criterions for a given set of materials and an alternative material is selected basing on the closeness between positive and negative ideal solution. Validation of the mathematical formulation was done by considering hybrid bio-composites of Glass fiber/ reinforced with thermoset polymers.  The relationship between fiber length and the mechanical properties is studied, while TOPSIS algorithm is utilized in selecting the better material out of the given subset.


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J.V. Sai Prasanna Kumar. (2021). Multiple Decision Criterion for Material Selection by using Ranking System. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 12(12), 01–06.
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