Investigation of Influence ofa New Twist Intensifier on the Properties of the Twisted Yarn

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Yuldashev Alisher Tursunbayevich, et. al.


The article is devoted to the study of the properties of the yarn obtained by the methods of ring and rotor spinning, for twisted yarn, produced on a VTS-09 double twist machine made by Volkmann (Germany). Experiments were carried out on two typesof spinning yarns with yarn counts Ne 20/2 and 12/2 in the existing design (control) and the new design, flexible element with equal tension and twist intensifier and compared the effects of the resulting twisted yarn for quality parameters. Mathematical statistical methods (single-factor analysis of variance) were used to assess the quality of twisted yarn. Experiments have shown that the use of a new design nozzle reduces the vibration of the yarn, which leads to a uniform distribution of twists along the length of the twisted yarn, increases its tensile strength and improves the quality of the twisted yarn.

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