An insight into internet sector in Iraq

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Marwa Abdulameer Oudah, Maryam Abdulameer Oudah


Today, the Internet is one of the most advanced technologies and a gateway to modern communication and the sharing of information, products, services, and technology. Nowadays, users want to be able to access many services and applications anywhere and anytime, which increases data traffic and leads to mobile data explosion. Iraq faces major problems in increasing the growth and use of the Internet and changing the standard way of communication. However, this is a major challenge, since there are many variables that characterize this metamorphosis stage. In this paper, the problems, vision, and solutions are presented in detail. This study aims to clarify the factors of Internet use in Iraq by using an accepted approach and proposing new solutions to all the problems raised. This work also demonstrates the projected traffic and traffic diversion mechanism between Internet Exchange Points of ISP Local Area Networks (AS).

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