Use The Quality Metric to Evaluate Program Scheduling

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Firdews A.Alsalman


The main goal of programmers is to develop software systems with high quality and rely on modern
standards and standards. By using quality standards correctly and accurately, it produces a system with high accuracy and has the possibility of development and modernization. With the emergence of entity programming, the problem of multiplicity of standards has become a problem for developers, as there are no unified standards that can be applied at all stages. Entity software development, The MOOD and MEMOOD entity programming design metrics have been applied to the Flight reservation system and Doctor Visits Management System, After the application of the two models, it was found from the results that the reliability of standards by programmers achieved a fundamental change. For example, Implementation of the first model MOOD All the values of the variables as of the model in (Measure Complexity) were calculated, then it attributes the calculated values to percentages for the purpose of comparing them with the standard limits, the results of the MOOD model, it can be concluded of the software methods performed the best in optimizing the results of the measures, the results of the MOOD model, The programmers' full commitment to the design is not feasible, unless the design is sound and built on the basis of optimization in building the system design. Some cases showed that the freedom followed by programmers had better results than the results of full commitment to the design and better than the automatic generation of code, The MEMOOD metrics are not affected by differing programming experiences and viewpoints. Because it depends on the general structure of the system without going into the design details of the system.

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