Assessing a Model for the Evaluation of Creative Teaching Perceptions and Practices in Higher Education During the Corona Pandemic Using Structural Equation Modelling

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AlAli, Rommel


With the complete shift to distance education, energies must be expended to make the teaching practices of faculty members innovative and distinctive. Therefore, there is an urgent need for an alternative model that explains the relationship between faculty members' perceptions about teaching and their creative practices, to enable the development of their academic and professional performance. This study aims to assess a measurement model for perceptions on the teaching profession and creative teaching practices among the faculty members. Two instruments were developed. The study sample consisted of 250 faculty members. Structural equation modelling was used to assess the proposed model. The results of the modified construction model showed an improvement in goodness of fit indicators, which points towards this being the best model for interpreting the data of the study. The developed assessment model and scales can be used as tools to measure faculty members' perceptions and predict the improvement of their creative teaching practices, as well as professional development during distance learning

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