Optimization Profits of Hand Sanitizer Production During the Covid 19 Pandemic

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Asep Dyka, RorimPanday


The phenomenon of a pandemic with the spread of the Covid-19 virus has made the world community uneasy,
including in Indonesia. It drastically makes people adopt a healthy lifestyle and hygiene to avoid the spread of the virus. Panic
buying conditions and the scarcity that occur simultaneously as a form of market reaction to the pandemic that occurred. This
is the basis for the increased purchase and production volume of Hand Sanitizer products, which are hand rubs or antiseptics
that are proven to be effective in killing germs, bacteria, germs, or viruses. Due to the large number of new producers who
require alcohol as the main raw material for Hand Sanitizer, raw materials are scarce. PT BXV as a manufacturer of hand
sanitizers must strive to use the main raw material it has, namely Ethanol 3000 Liter in March 2020 to be used optimally to
produce maximum profit. To solve the problems faced, it can use the simplex and by utilizing POM QM for Windows
software. The results of the calculation of the maximum profit, the maximum profit will be achieved at Rp. 322,285,700. if the
production of Zn 50 ML products and sales of 857 cartons with a profit difference of 19.63% compared to profit not using
linear programming.

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