Energy management in the newspaper production process

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Carmen Luisa Vásquez; Lorena del Carmen Espina Romero; Juana Rosa Ramos Vera, Yngerbord Cristel


The print media has proven to be a powerful
communication medium on issues such as climate change, depletion
of energy resources, use of renewable and conventional energy
sources and their impact on the quality of life of society, biodiversity
and ecosystems, serving as a means of raising awareness.
Additionally, the energy consumption of print media facilities
contributes to these changes, as a result of greenhouse gas emissions
from the consumption of electricity in its newsroom processes and in
the printing of copies, in the case of paper newspapers. This paper
shows the results obtained from the analysis of the electric energy
consumption of a newspaper printing company obtained from an
energy audit. The results show that with measures on the air
conditioning equipment systems, benefits are reflected as a better
redistribution of the energy matrix and a reduction in energy
consumption, which is reflected in the estimated energy efficiency
indexes based on the number of printed copies, employees and
construction area.

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