A Review on Reconfigurable Antennas for Wireless Communication Systems

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Anuj Kumar,Nirdesh Kumar, Shubhra Dixit


Reconfigurable antennas have the great utility in smart and adaptive. The
reconfigurable characteristic offer many advantages in wireless applications such as fourth
generation (4G) and fifth generation (5G) mobile terminals. A reconfigurable antenna needs to
have an adequate number of active elements for the reconfiguration of antenna characteristics.
These high-quality active elements increase the cost and biasing complexity of the networks to
control the circuitry. The current distribution in the radiating patch is responsible of antenna’s
characteristics, which can be change through changing the current flow in the patch. To change
the current distribution in radiating patch the active element (switches) are required such as
MEMS switch, varactor diode and p-i-n diodes. Therefore, we have presented a review on the
reconfigurable antennas for advance wireless terminals, which are recently proposed by the other

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